Interview with Maureen Rafferty, chief of staff at the Jennings household

Interview with Maureen Rafferty, chief of staff at the Jennings household.

Official Waylon Blog: Hi Maureen!  Thanks so much for joining us on the Official Waylon Blog!  We’re delighted to welcome you as you’ve been such a vital part of the Jennings family.   For those just being acquainted with you, please introduce yourself.

Maureen Rafferty: I served as chief of staff at Southern Comfort , the Jennings estate in Brentwood, TN and traveled the world with the family as Shooter’s nanny.  I was a teacher by profession, but began working part time for Jessi and Waylon in 1973.



In honor of Nikki Mitchell, the kind, generous, loving spirit and genius that directed the ship with Waylon for many, many years – the Nikki Mitchell Foundation is dedicated to seeking and supporting the most breakthrough data available for the early detection and cure of pancreatic cancer.

The next event on July 9th in Nashville, TN at Marathon Music Works will feature special guests Jamey Johnson, Jessi Colter, Shooter Jennings, and many more.   Tickets are available at :


Waylon & Shooter Collaboration, “Fenixon” Released Digitally

Waylon Jennings’ “Fenixon” album produced by a sixteen year old Shooter back in 1995 has been released digitally! This album was released for the first time in it’s original format back in April on Record Store Day and the limited number of vinyl copies that were made sold out in one day!

Fans expecting a country album should probably shy away from this release. This is the most experimental Waylon ever got in his entire career and showcases his fearlessness as an artist more so than anything his contemporaries have recorded. None of the recordings have been changed or altered whatsoever and this is exactly the way Waylon and Shooter recorded it almost twenty years ago! There are currently no plans for this to be made available on CD so for the time being this is the only way to purchase this historic recording.

Download “Fenixon” on iTunes

Download “Fenixon” on Amazon



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